At the core of engagement is the employee experience. How your employees interact in and with your workplace drives productivity, retention, recruitment and effectiveness. Here at the Nonprofit ARC, we recognize how especially important this is to the agencies we serve – companies where the investment in talent often exceeds 70% of the total budget. We’ve crafted a systematic approach to helping your employees see how much you value them, and how committed you are to their success, that includes:

Measuring engagement
• Confidential survey using statistically validated questions
• Consolidation and review of results

Understanding experiential touch points
• Communication
• Development and feedback
• Work space
• Performance expectations

Developing reward systems
• Define Low- to no-cost elements
• Define degree of automation desired
• Implement incremental orientation and roll-out

Incorporating mindfulness
• Continue periodic surveys regarding engagement and monitor for changes
• Embed employee experience in strategic and tactical planning
• Train leaders in experiential awareness