Our Story

The Nonprofit ARC was born out of the premise that leaders in nonprofits are often challenged with the trade-off between core mission focus, and administrative focus. Funding is strained. Regulation is complicated and ever-changing. The sheer volume of information is often overwhelming. The energy and expense required to provide administrative services diverts attention and resources away from investments in the people and systems tied directly to service delivery.

We’ve assembled specialists in core administrative services who bring knowledge, perspective and an approach that balances technical expertise with intentional engagement of people throughout the organization.

Our Approach

Our services respond to the diverse needs of nonprofits by providing a single point of contact for tackling administrative challenges easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Our in-house experts and support staff are seasoned professionals, and our network of subcontractors is rigorously screened to ensure best-in-class quality and customer service. Within this framework we provide a range of options that include:

  • Project Support
  • Interim Staffing at the C-Suite and Director level
  • Procurement/Contracting/RFP management
  • Fully Outsourced Solutions
  • Department-specific in-house talent and system development

Meet the Team


Robert Blumenfeld

Principal Consultant

Robert is a seasoned executive and consultant in the nonprofit space,

specializing in systems analysis and design, organizational development and financial management


Lena Beck

Finance Associate

Lena is an accomplished financial professional skilled in financial planning and analysis and reporting.


Melissa Dane

Talent Engagement Specialist

Melissa is an experienced, credentialed HR professional

specializing in recruitment and employee experience development

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