What kind of financial services do you provide?

We offer a full range of services from data entry, billing and payment/check processing to full account reconciliation, audit & tax return preparation and fractional CFO/Controller support.

What do you mean when you say "Living" strategy?

The days of the 3-year strategic plan that sits on a shelf and loses its relevance by the end of the first year are (or should be) over. We help you develop a framework that keeps priorities and steps to achieving goals in the forefront of leadership consciousness and conversations. Accessible, understandable, flexible and collaboratively built, the process brings your organization's tactics and strategies to life!

What kind of HR services do you provide?

We have expertise in workforce messaging and engagement strategies. Policy and Employee Handbook audits yield intentional copy writing that blends compliance with acknowledgement of employees as the organization's most valuable asset. This notion of recognition is reinforced through systematic, low- or no-cost activities targeted to connecting employees with the organization and its mission. We also provide proven leadership training to front-line supervisors and managers designed to increase engagement, reduce turnover and improve productivity.

Can you describe your approach to improving Communication?

Every organization that we've worked with has identified communication as one of their greatest challenges. Using our proven method of defining the guidelines, expectations and methods for communicating, we help organizations improve their employees' expertise and content quality for email, instant messaging, private social media sites and intranets. This creates a better workplace experience and improved morale and productivity.

 Where is the Center located?

We are headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI. We are essentially a virtual organization with very low overhead, which makes sense given that most of our work is done onsite at client locations. We serve clients throughout Michigan's lower pennisula.